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Flexible Solutions For Complex Supply Chain Problems

DDWI offers a variety of supply chain solutions for our partners. We can reduce supply chain complexities, bring more value to our partners and their customers and increase your competitive advantage. Revenue Growth is something we are all looking to acheive and DDWI has been and continues to help pur partners do excatly that. Let us show you how we can be of help.

Trading Partner Compliance

Retailers are placing greater demands on their suppliers to comply with increasingly complex trading requirements. Since most suppliers work with multiple retail customers, each with different business practices, complying with these requirements can be a daunting task.

With EDI and Label Services from DDWI, suppliers can easily achieve compliance with diverse trading partner requirements without investing in specialized EDI hardware, software or staffing. We provide the technology, the experienced staff and the know how, to the get the job done on time and without chargebacks from your customers.

You can trust DDWI to work for you.